DeoDap Bathroom Cleaner - Single `Hockey Stick Shape Toilet Brush (Multicolor) Convenient Cleaning Tools for Daily Use To keep your home clean, you require an assortment of cleaning items. Offers a large variety of dusting and cleaning products for providing you easy and convenient cleaning options. The cleaning tools from this brand are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. This toilet brush lets you achieve a clean, spotless surface with minimum effort. Plastic Construction The plastic construction of this round toilet brush makes it a sturdy and durable addition to your bathroom cleaning accessories. Provides Easy Reach The long handle of this toilet cleaning brush allows it an easy reach to clean all possible corners. Maintain the hygiene of your toilet by using this brush every day. Features Durable – High-Quality Plastic & Bristles Unique Shape, Ergonomic design, Light Weight & easy to use Flexible Bristles – Scrubs away stubborn stains Appropriate Handle Length – Comfortable scrubbing Ideal for Indian Toilet : Hanging Provision

Single Sided Bristle Plastic Toilet Cleaning Brush