DeoDap Kitchen Storage - Smart Baskets for Storage, Set of 3, Sky Blue Safe Storage Solution Smart Kitchen Baskets are made from polypropylene, which is high-quality food-grade plastic, and thus safe for daily usage. These baskets weigh in the range of 93 gms to 220 gms and serve as optimum storage solutions with their heavy grade plastic. Organized Appearance Use these baskets for storing away fruits, vegetables and other non-perishable solids. It will make your kitchen look systematic, and all these goods will be easily accessible as they are stored in one place. Firm Grip Styled in a woven pattern, these baskets offer good holding grip and give a distinctive look to your kitchen. They are easy to store in your kitchen or dining room with their sleek design. The blue shade of the baskets gives them a contemporary look and finish. Compatible with Dishwasher You won't have to put much effort into getting the baskets clean as they can be rinsed easily in the dishwasher or by hand. Available in Varying Sizes All the three baskets are of different size Large- 25 × 19.5 × 10, 220 gramsMedium- 24.5 × 19 × 6, 155 gramsSmall- 19 × 14 × 6, 93 grams Specifications Color: BlueMaterial: PlasticPackage Contents: 3 Storage Baskets Made by high quality plastic material

Multipurpose Smart Shelf Basket Storage Basket (Set 3 Pc)