Baby Nail File Electric, Baby Nail Trimmer with 6 Grinding Heads   Let Your Baby Play And Learn To Grasp Things Freely – Trim Their Nails Right From The Start. The Nail File Is An Excellent Gift For a New Or Expecting Mother. Suitable for kids of all ages Product Details: One-Button Activation Multiple Speeds and Rotation Patterns Soft LED Front Light Whisper Quiet Motor Compact, Lightweight Design Safe on Baby's Finger and Toe Nails 6 GRINDING HEADS  For Baby Use Fine Grinding Heads : For 0~3 Months Old Baby Gentle Grinding Heads : For 4~11 Months Old Baby Rough Grinding Heads : For Over 12 Months Old Baby Or Toddlers For Adult Use Wool Finish Cushioned Pad: For Polishing The Toenails Or Fingernails Columnar Grinding Head : For Edges And Gaps Metal Cushioned Pad : Trim Appearance After Rough Grindin Specifications Series: Baby And Mummy Nail Clipper Ideal For: Baby Boys & Baby Girls Professional Care: Yes Color: Multi Material:ABS Plastic Gift Pack for:Friend, Family Member

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer with Grinding Heads for Newborn Infant and Toddler