Manual Hand Tally Counter - 4 Digits Compact Tally Counter This hand tally counter is small in size, which can be easily held with one hand, fit comfortable in hand.With A Finger RingThe finger ring holder provides an extra grip for the counter, it will be easy to carry the counter with this hoop. With A Reset Knob By turning the knob on the tally counter, it couldbe easily reset.White numbers on a black background, the datacan be easily read. Widely Use It could be used for many situations like calculatingthe number of people or articles, traffic statistics, ora variety of athletic activities such as golf, running, etc. Features 1. It can be used for unlimited counting chores.2. Resets after 9999 or with quick reset knob.3. Count is advanced easily with a thumb push.4. Hand tally is ideally used for checking attendance at exhibitions.5. Theatres, stations and for traffic survey, cargo tally, golf tally, lap counters and numerous counting jobs.6. Traffic analysis, attendance, sporting events, farming and ranching operations, inventory control, surveys, laboratory studies, production counting. Specifications Nice appearance and comfortable feelCompact design and portableMade of stainless metalMetal hoop is convenient for you to carryWith zero clearing switch on right sideMechanically jumps by every press, quick reactionCounts Range: 0000 to 9999Weight: 68g Package Includes: 1 * hand tally counter

4 Digits Hand Held Tally Counter Numbers Clicker